Teenage engineering op1 portable synthesizer workstation

2020-01-18 06:45

Teenage Engineering OP1 packs a synthesizer, sampler, and controller into a simple and fast interface. The synthesizer features 8 builtin engines (with exchangeable architecture) with 8 quickselection keys, and 3 great sequencers, enabling instant live tweaks.the portable wonder synthesizer productsop1overview productsop1features productsop1modules store. portable synthesizer teenage engineering op1 portable synthesizer workstation

Connect your Teenage Engineering OP1 mini synthesizer workstation to your computer and it instantly shows up as a mass storage device. This lets you drag and drop audio files between your Mac or Windows PC, allowing you to retrieve recordings from your OP1, and load new clips up to 12 seconds long into its samplers.

Teenage engineering op1 portable synthesizer workstation free

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Teenage Engineering 002. AS. 001 OP1 Mini Synthesizer Pack In conclusion if you're looking for an allinone portable workstation, the OP1 is your best bet. Furthermore, I believe that the OP1 will hold up far better over time as a unique instrument. The OPZ is great, but it's a portable groove box that you're unlikely to actually

Teenage Engineering's OP1 is the allinone portable Synthesizer, Sampler and Controller. With additional features like the FM Radio and an assignable GForce sensor for motion controlled effects. With OP1's builtin Tape feature you are able to record everything you do on to the 4 tracks, with overdubbing, reverse recording

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The Teenage Engineering OP1 is an instrument that has become quite famous among the world of synthesizers over recent years. When it first arrived on the scene, many had their minds boggled at how something that looks so far from a typical synthesizer keyboard could come at such a price point.

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