Non formal education in rural development

2019-12-12 21:08

NonFormal Education Due to the social, economical, environmental and many practical difficulties a considerable part of our rural population is yet to see the light of education. Pallimangal has been conducting a number of Non Formal Education centres at different villages to provide minimum literacy to those who failed to reach for regularNonformal Education and Rural Development by Albert D. K. Amedzro Drawing on the results of nonformal education programmes inspired by Brazils famous educationalist, Freire, particularly nonformal education and literacy programmes in Brazil, Ghana and Tanzania, the author illustrates and advocates the potential of nonformal education as a key component of bottomup, humancentred non formal education in rural development

The study determines the impact of secondarytertiary, formalnonformal education in agriculture on studentsgraduates and farmerstrainees and the extent of influence of agricultural institutions in Central Luzon on farming practices in their communities. The report also includes concepts and practices in agricultural education for economic and social development.

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The importance of nonformal education in integrated rural development is examined in light of the differences between formal, informal, and nonformal education, with the conclusion that the objectives of nonformal education and their relationship to the rural poor support the argument for a curriculum for nonformal education in the arena. (LAS)

This report of a sample survey of formal and nonformal education in India, contains a general discussion on rural development; a list of organizations and programmes; a description of the survey area, respondents and methodology; casestudies; views of respondents; and conclusions.

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Nonformal education (NFE) which was formerly perceived as a second choice compared to formal education, with its merits of diversity and flexibility, then become popular within assistance projects, especially in those for comprehensive rural development.

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