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2020-01-18 06:10

MINI Cooper Limited Slip Differential. For the serious driver a limited slip differential is a must have! The stock MINI Cooper is an excellant handling car BUT hard driving can still result in wheel spin. Our unique limited slip is the only answer. While dsigned for the race track the system still provides a softDo you really drive your 0206 Mini Cooper S? Autocrosser? Road racer? Spirited canyon carver? If you answered, Yes to any of those (or all of them) then you need a Quaife Automatic Torque Biasing (ATB) differential! A Quaife (pronounced KWAF)ATB limited slip differential (LSD) powers both drive wheels of your Cooper limited slip differential mini cooper

black flag 0206 mini cooper s 1. 6l sc r53 front lsd limited slip differential see more like this For Mini Cooper Differential Seal KS 2004 2006 2003 2005 2007 (Fits: More than one vehicle)

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The Quaife limited slip differential is simply the best differential for the MINI. We have been using them for years on our MINIs. Great on the street and on the track, proven to drop 23 seconds a lap off your best lap time.

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We recommend the Quaife Torque Biasing Limited Slip Differential for the performance street car or the occasional track car. This Helical LSD uses gears instead of clutch plates for a seamless integration into your MINI.

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