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Engineering Economic Analysis: Slide 6 Engineering Economy Objective Evaluation How to compare the economic value of alternative design options? Basis Cash Flow Analysis One is indifferent between investments with equivalent cash flows Equivalence occurs when one is indifferent between two sets of cash flows KeySuggested Citation: Chapter Three Case Examples. National Academies of Sciences, Engineering, and Medicine. 2012. Engineering Economic Analysis Practices for Highway Investment. engineering economic analysis examples

The Role of Engineering Economic Analysis 5 Examples of Engineering Economic Analysis 5 The DecisionMaking Process 6 Rational Decision Making 6 Ethics 15 Ethical Dimensions in Engineering Decision Making 15 Importance of Ethics in Engineering and Engineering Economy 18, Engineering Decision Making for Current Costs 18 Summary 21 Problems 23

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Engineering Economics 45d. Comparison of Alternatives. CostBenefit Analysis Project is considered acceptable if B C 0 or BC 1. Example (FEIM): The initial cost of a proposed project is 40M, the capitalized perpetual annual cost is 12M, the capitalized benefit is 49M, and the residual value is 0.

economic sense to make this investment instead of purchasing the alternative energy technology. The purpose of these notes is to summarize the basic ideas of applying the concept of the time value of money to the economic analysis of engineering decision making.

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Relevant psychological and physiological effects were found to occur in a promotion or transition process and these include the increased stress due to more challenging job experience and more demanding job responsibilities and the observation that the promoted technical person will become more people oriented and less technically oriented.

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