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2020-01-20 12:19

Mar 07, 2015 As there is little info about the Witness Limited, I just had to try one out. I learned long ago that I prefer to test the underdog, to own something completely different than the rest of the herd. Well the Witness Limited is just that, different from the herd, at least in the US. In other partsAug 16, 2018  The Xtreme pistol series from Tanfoglio includes five models specifically designed for competition. In this review, we evaluate the Tanfoglio Stock III Xtreme in 9 mm Luger for the IPSC Production Division. For almost 30 years, the Italian company Fratelli Tanfoglio has tanfoglio limited review

The Tanfoglio Witness is an inexpensive Italian handgun that is a clone of the CZ 75. It is imported into the United States by European American Armory (EAA) Corporation. It is often referred to as the EAA Witness for that reason. When introduced in the mid1970s, the

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All Tanfoglio pistols purchased from PD will come with the barrel reamed and optimized for longer OAL projectiles. This is a 40 savings passed on to our customers Tanfoglio Witness Elite Limited (EAA) The EAA Witness Limited by Tanfoglio is a Single Action Only fullsize competition pistol. Large Frame; 4. 75 Barrel Coned Barrel; 14 Round

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