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2020-01-25 19:21

CMMI for Development is a reference model that covers activities for developing both products and services. Organizations from many industries, including aerospace, banking, computer hardware, software, defense, automobile manufacturing, and telecommunications, use CMMI for Development.The Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI) is a process and behavioral model that helps organizations streamline process improvement and encourage productive, efficient behaviors that cmmi models for development

CMMI (Capability Maturity Model Integration) models are collections of best practices that help organizations to improve their processes. These models are developed by product teams with members from industry, government, and the Carnegie Mellon Software Engineering Institute (SEI). This model, called CMMI for Development (CMMIDEV), provides a comprehensive integrated set of

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CMMI Institute. CMMI Institute enables organizations to elevate and benchmark performance across a range of critical business capabilities, including product development, service excellence, workforce management, data management, supplier management, and cybersecurity. Capability Maturity Model Integration (CMMI)

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CMMI for Development, Version 1. 3 Preface iii Chapter 4, Relationships Among Process Areas, provides insight into the meaning and interactions among the CMMIDEV process areas. Chapter 5, Using CMMI Models, describes paths to adoption and the use of CMMI for process improvement and benchmarking of practices in a development organization.

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