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2020-01-24 03:08

There are many ways to connect to your love ones. Sun Cellular offers Sun Prepaid Text Unlimited promos. With Sun Text Unlimited, you can send unlimited SMS to SUN subscribers. On top of it, Sun Text Unlimited includes minutes to call and additional text to other networks.Cheers to one of the leading provider of unlimited calling and texting, Sun Cellular! Here are the updated call and text promos that Sun is offering for this year. Take time to check below the best promo that fits your lifestyle. Below are the Sun Cellular call and text promos you can enjoy this. call and text unlimited sun 30

May 25, 2017 Sun Cellular WAIS 200 promo gives you unlimited call and text to SUN subscribers valid for 30 days plus 500 texts to Smart and TNT. You can also add extras or addon for only 50 pesos.

Call and text unlimited sun 30 free

Sun Cellular offers unlimited call and text promo for 1 month or 30 days thats best for those prepaid subscribers who wants to use these services on a monthly basis. Of course, registering to one of the 1 month validity promos of SUN makes it lighter for the budget as well as hasslefree whenever the need arise to contact someone. As a pioneer of unlimited calls and unlimited texts services

Mar 05, 2014 Sun Cellular is offering their subscribers Sun Prepaid Call Text Unli 30. Enjoy UNLIMITED allnet texts& UNLI calls to SUN, Smart& TNT plus UNLIMITED chat with your favorite Chat Apps. Load up now with CTU30!

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Here is the list of Call and Text promos offered by Sun Cellular network to all its subscribers across the Philippines for the year 2019. Pinoy Box Break List Of Sun Promos 2019 Unli Call And Unli Text

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