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2020-01-23 05:38

SprintLink is a global Tier 1 Internet service provider network, operating an 100G Internet backbone. Customers include large multinational corporations, government agencies, retail and restaurant chains, Tier 2 and Tier 3 ISPs, and mediumtosmall businesses.SprintLink is to a Tier 1 global Internet Service Provider (ISP) network that provides services through an OC192 Internet backbone. SprintLink services include cable maintenance and administration in the TAT14 consortium. Its communication network provides global voice, sprintlink global network

SprintLink IP Network and Collocation Global Service Request Order. This Service Request Order is effective this day of 200 (Service Request Order Effective Date) and is between Sprint (Sprint) and, a company organized under the laws of with a registered address of, (Customer). I. Customer

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