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LunenfeldTanenbaum Senior Investigator Dr. Jeff Wrana is internationally recognized for his cancer research. While most current cancer investigations focus on specific disease pathways, Dr. Wrana believes cancer involves a complex network of pathwaysLunenfeldTanenbaum Research Institute. It was originally established in 1985 as the Samuel Lunenfeld Research Institute, the research arm of Mount Sinai Hospital, by an endowment from the Lunenfeld and Kunin families. It was renamed to the current name on June 24, 2013 after a 35 million donation from Larry and Judy Tanenbaum. lunenfeld-tanenbaum research institute summer research

A new study from the Durocher lab is a result of a very productive collaboration between trainees and with other research labs. Dheva Setiaputra, a postdoctoral fellow in Dan Durochers lab. Michal Zimmermann and his efforts to improve cancer drug efficacy.

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Apply to RTC Summer Research Program For Undergraduates, 2019 which can be taken at LunenfeldTanenbaum Research Institute and provides 14hour 4 vacation pay

2019 Summer Internships Goals of the Program. The LunenfeldTanenbaum Research Institute (LTRI) of Mount Sinai Hospital, a University of Toronto affiliated research centre, was established in 1985. It is one of the worlds leading centres in biomedical research.

Student Internships. Selected students are placed into a lab at the LTRI for 8 weeks during the summer. They will learn about the research their lab is involved in and will work on a small project of their own over the summer. Students will also have the opportunity to participant in LTRI seminars and events. This paid internship is highly competitive.

LunenfeldTanenbaum Research Institute Mount Sinai Hospital Joseph and Wolf Lebovic Health Complex 600 University Ave. Toronto ON M5G 1X5. Tel. : ext. 4516 Send Email: Dr. John Georgiou SCIENTIST. Dr. Georgiou is a research scientist specializing in neuroscience, the study of

Research Training Centre. The Research Training Centre (RTC) was established at the LunenfeldTanenbaum Research Institute in 1996 to provide our trainees (graduate students, postdoctoral fellows and summer students) with an exceptional research and learning environment.

Dr. Collingridge was recently recruited from Bristol (U. K. ) to the LunenfeldTanenbaum Research Institute, and will be chair of the Department of Physiology at the University of

Expertise LunenfeldTanenbaum researchers collaborate between research clusters to expedite new discoveries and bring therapies from the research bench to the patient bedside

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The LunenfeldTanenbaum Research Institute, located at Mount Sinai Hospital, is one of the leading biomedical research facilities in the world. Created in 1985, the institute is profoundly advancing the understanding of human biology in health and disease.

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